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How I learned to be Humble

The thing that attracts me most to anyone I meet and make an unconscious opinion of that person in my head, is humility. After reading, Ego is the Enemy by Ryan Holiday, I have come to observe and got to know the ego inside of me. You can read a summary of the book I […]

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the path of love; a poem.

12:20 Feb 19th, ’17. I wrote you a poem   a book, I opened some lines, I read carry on, my mind plead stop, my heart asserted the thought, the process averted a book, I closed an iPod, from my bag I brought to an external, keyboard I connect I wish, we had now met a message, from her I am waiting when […]

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confession of an emotion, my first poem.

Sipping tea, I started. The pages, in a book, I turned. The letters, I read. My mind; dead. Of her, I thought. Another sip, I took. At the words, I look. Anything but register, they would. I struggled. Anything but read, I could. Of her, I thought. Her voice, I recalled. My heart, a fire […]

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