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Today is a good day; thanks to a beautiful woman.

The golden color on the face of the coffee is slowly dissolving and disseminating away at the inside walls of the cup as if succumbing to the power of the black circle dominating the surface. A red painted tea-less pot is celebrating its vivid colors with 3 complimenting redder roses as if intertwined in a love able harmonial relation. Lifting […]

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3 sunny days in london with a blue eyed

Standing in the middle facing number 113, I make sure I’m at least three steps away from the door; I hit a white button and the sound of my heart beats overrides that of the ringing bell. My head is around 45 degree angle to the floor as the thought of what I am about to witness is weighing me down […]

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Am I on or off course?

When I was in high school I wanted a career as a DJ, that was my ultimate definition of a successful dream but it didn’t happen. These days my dream of wanting to become a DJ have turned into a dream of wanting to become a writer and an entrepreneur. I am still figuring out […]

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